Friday, November 25, 2022

Salmon run 母川回帰

 Why the salmon returns to the river where it was born has been unclear, but the recent study reveals that the salmon remembers the scent of the river. Amazing sensory power. 何故鮭が生まれた川に戻るのかは分からない事でした。しかし、最近の研究で、川を匂いを覚えてくるから、ということがわかってきました。すごい感覚です。

Saturday, November 19, 2022

A day in winter

 The area where I live is hot in summer and cold in winter. It is cold in winter but we hardly have snowfall, maybe once or twice during the season. Hope there will be enough snow so that I can make a snowman like in this painting. 私の住む地域は、夏暑く、冬は寒い。寒いけれど、降雪はほんの一、二度だけ。絵のような雪だるまを作れる降雪があるといいのですが。

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Daily delivery / 毎日の届け物

 The title is "Daily delivery". In the painting, a man is delivering the Ume flower(God's blessing) to the person in the sick bed. 絵の題名は「毎日の届け物」。絵の中で男の人が梅の花(神の守護)を病床の人に届けています。

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Mirror of heart/世界は鏡

 The title is "Mirror of heart". We can check how our body looks on the mirror. How can we, then, do the same about our heart or mind? By seeing what is around you, you can get some hints of what your mind is like. How people around you behave, or what they say. Or what is happen in the society. All these give you hints. The world you see is the mirror of your heart/mind. タイトルは「世界は鏡」。私たちは鏡を使って、自分の体がどう見えるのか確認します。体以外の自分、つまり心については、自分を取り囲む世界の様相が教えてくれます。自分の周りに居る人々の言動、自分が見聞きする社会の様相、これらを通して自分の心の姿を知ることができるのです。

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Story of Creation 元の理


The Story of Creation in text:

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Bowing / おじぎ

 The title is "Bowing". The harvesting time for rice plants is just around the corner. Ripe grains of rice is heavy and all plants bow their heads. A saying goes, "The boughs that bear most hang lowest". I need to remember that and apply it to my daily attitude, now that I have reached the ripe age. I need to remind myself of doing as much bowing as possible to greet, appreciate, and respect the others. タイトルは「おじぎ」です。収穫を迎える米は「実るほど頭を垂れる稲穂かな」の状態。私も70代になり、稲穂の真似をして、高い頭を低くする時期になりました。まわりに対して偉そうにせず日々を過ごそうと思います。