Saturday, May 5, 2018

Kilauea volcano has become active again, and is causing some damage to the locale. I am sorry to hear about this news. The Hawaiian islands, however, were created by volcanic activities. Volcanos created the islands, in other words. Hawaiian legend attributes it to Pele, the Hawaiian goddess.

My drawing's theme is Pele and its creation. Pele provides volcanic energy, fire, wind, and lightning. I included all these elements in the drawing. I have started coloring it, and perhaps I will post the finished painting tomorrow.

It is May, in the middle of Golden Week here in Jp. Sakura flowers are long gone, but now azalea flowers are everywhere. I happened to see some of them on the ground, and they reminded me of my drawing of volcano.
I picked up some and brought them back to my room. I then arranged them like in the photograph. Blue water is the watercolor. I used pistils of the flowers for the arms, which I did with Photoshop.

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